Are you looking for reputable valued Best Bank experiences? We will save you the hassle of researching Best Bank. For you, the contribution evaluates all sources of information and experience in a neutral and uninfluenced manner. We also test receipt credit for you.

Best Bank experience – the company

Bon credit experience - the company

The Swiss Master Media Group AG, better known as Best Bank, claims to have been providing loans for around 40 years. Only a few credit placement companies can look back on such a long company history. For the planned test, the high level of awareness offers particularly diverse opportunities to track down the credit experience of real credit customers.

An intermediary who has not only been on the market for a few years must enjoy the trust of his customers. Whether this trust is justified is examined in more detail in the article on Best Bank experiences.

Goal – current Best Bank 2013 experience report

Goal - current best bank 2013 experience report

Current experiences with Best Bank are intended to make the work of Best Bank more transparent to the visitor of this portal. Numerous media reports have undermined trust in the credit intermediation industry. Nevertheless, fair credit intermediaries offer loan solutions for prospective creditors that would not be feasible on their own.

The feedback that borrowers have published in various forums has been incorporated into this field report on Best Bank. In addition, the self-experiment was dared. The company promises: The loan offer is guaranteed to be free of charge. The credit attempt is free of charge. – We have checked this advertising message for you.

Best Bank – the loan offer

Bon credit - the loan offer

The test of Best Bank and the compilation of the Best Bank experience starts on the website. It is neatly programmed and easy to use. Clicking on Contact shows a normal German landline number. This means that Best Bank is free of charge for most customers, almost everyone has a telephone flat rate. The company offers loan offers for all strata of the population, income groups and even those with poor credit ratings.

Advertise with credit options from 4.9 percent APR, up to USD 100,000 loan amount and a maximum of 120 months. Even a loan offer for pensioners without age restrictions and a loan offer without credit checker are included. The first test, a credit with a normal credit rating, via the online application. The application is clearly arranged, completing it is no problem. As expected, the loan application goes through without any problems under these conditions.

Second attempt to make a credit consultation by phone. This time the request for a pensioner loan that is guaranteed not to be approved. A net pension of 800 USD was mentioned. Without a long waiting line, a nice operator takes the call. She points out that loan contracts are not legally possible on the phone, but would like to help with information. At the end of the conversation it is clear that Best Bank does not promise unsustainable.

All of the above figures on the individually required minimum income corresponded to the known requirements for risk loans. There is no hope of a credit opportunity under the current conditions. We note honesty and no empty promises as a plus in our Best Bank experience.

Customer testimonials on the Best Bank website

Customer testimonials on the best bank website

At the time of viewing the homepage there were 708 visitors online. At 10.40 a.m. 898 loan applications had already been made. This is an indication that Best Bank’s offer is on the same wave as the customer’s credit requirements. As expected, the customer testimonials on the website show an extremely positive image of the company.

For example, Thorsten Oppler, who works as a machine operator, reports on his positive experience with loan brokerage from Best Bank. In his video, he reports on fast, fair and professional help in arranging his installment loan. Despite the good idea of ​​letting customers speak to prospective customers via video, the whole thing unfortunately seems very fake. This form of presentation seems too professional as proof of positive receipt credit experience.

Customer voices that have not been confirmed report less professionally about their cooperation with Best Bank. For legal reasons, the contributions are presented without mentioning them and summarized. The focus of the information search was on “loans in difficult cases”. All information comes from credit forums, the participants of which searched for a loan despite credit checker or without credit checker.

Interim result first impression Best Bank Homepage:

Interim result first impression best bank Homepage:


– The homepage is neat and clear.
– The site can be operated intuitively.
– The loan brokerage covers the credit needs in every situation.
– The online loan application is understandable and easy to use.
– No false credit hopes are stoked through the telephone service.
– Best Bank does not promise a loan request that is impossible.
– Cost traps like a service number do not lurk.


– The customer voices appear “on video” rather than realistic

Loan Experience Bon Loans Without credit checker – Unfiltered

Loan Experience Bon Loans Without credit checker - Unfiltered

A participant reported on his experience with a loan brokered by Best Bank despite credit checker, and the previous speaker had presented Best Bank and other credit intermediaries in a bad light without having had any experience. The participant’s answer was simple. Quote: “I got my loan, later even increased it later. My Best Bank experience is good. I can only recommend Best Bank ”.

Another participant had a problem with his loan without credit checker, the application had been made through Best Bank and no message came from the foreign bank. The borrower reported again three days later. He had called Best Bank and described his problem. Best Bank promised to follow up and in response he received the loan approval from the foreign bank. Another two days later he reported receipt of the money. His Best Bank experience can also be classified as positive.

In order not to create a wrong picture, negative voices were also not ignored. The eye falls on a very current entry. An example of a participant who had unsuccessfully attempted credit through Best Bank is given. Best Bank had not been able to arrange a loan and had not charged any costs. The participant, however, was annoyed by the continuously incoming emails. He wasn’t alone with his anger. Different borrowers had the same experience with receipt credit.

Inspired by this negative receipt credit experience, we unsubscribed from the emails. It worked right away, the inbox remained empty.

Intermediate experience with credit credit – credit forums:

Intermediate experience with credit credit - credit forums:


– Best Bank offers borrowers real credit opportunities despite bad credit.
– All current “completely neutral” customer voices speak positively about Best Bank.
– Only those who search far in the past will find negative voices.
– Negative statements of the present are made without personal experience.


– The spam folder fills up when notifications are not turned off.

Conclusion – Best Bank experiences:

Conclusion - Bon credit experiences:

Best Bank presents itself as a reputable credit broker with long experience. The lively operation on the homepage and the many loan applications speak for the trust of the customers. Our Best Bank experience in the provider test justifies the advance in trust.

The ease of use of the site and above all the honesty of the telephone advice are convincing. Only the preparation of the customer voices disturbed the good overall picture.

Best Bank would not actually need this processing. Current Best Bank experiences – on neutral forums – speak clearly for the company as a reputable credit broker. Negative voices have no experience with the company themselves or are annoyed by the advertising emails that they could easily unsubscribe from.

Our gained credit experience can be summarized in the words serious, honest and quick.

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